Monday, February 20, 2017

My Potential Life Career Blog Post

          1. A career I would be interested in is with agriculture. I enjoy operating heavy machinery, and already do that a lot at home. I find farming to be satisfying, and would enjoy doing it for a career. I used to visit at my uncle's farm a lot (Heinz Farms) and would enjoy riding in the combine and helping out around there. At home I maintain a decent sized food plot, and rototill it with our tractor and plant it every year, which I enjoy doing. I find operating tractors and other machinery to be a very simple job, almost like riding a bike. It comes very easy to me, but maybe not others.

          2. I would like the either go to Michigan State University or University of Michigan for their agricultural program. Preferably MSU because their program is more than likely better, but it would be a tad bit more expensive to go there. A local farmer (Tony Brush) gave me a ride in his combine last harvesting season, and we talked a lot about the qualifications to become and Farmer. He said it's almost impossible to start off from scratch these days, so I would probably have to get a job working at a farm, or something like that. But, the training from the college would teach me all of the right ways to maintain plants, and the soil they live in. It would educate me basically of every aspect of farming. PRobably not so much about the operating of the machinery, because that's more up to the student to learn.

          3. The average salary of a farmer can be anywhere between 20 thousand a year to 100 thousand a year to possible even a million. There would be a lot of money to be made, but it all depends on the size of your farm and how fast it's growing. The smaller the farm, and the less land, the less money you make. But, the larger the farm, the more land, the more money you make. But, the downside of having a large farm that grosses out a lot of money yearly is that you have more taxes to pay, more machinery to pay off, and workers to pay. So, this would be less of that salary to you, but to those other responsibilities of yours.

Monday, February 13, 2017


1. This TedTalk ties into our last unit because it describes the analytics and markets for the Nike brand, and Sketchers.The markets all tie into advertising because, without advertising you wouldn't be able to sell your products at a consistent and high rate.

2. Nike sells to the retail market and the secondary market. The retail market is stuff like stores, and places the promote your product. The secondary market is when something is purchased, and re-sold.

3. If there were to be a stock market of "things", I would buy and sell computer parts. Parts such as GPUs motherboards, and processors. These products are not cheap, and there would definitely be some money the be made there. It also wouldn't be hard to get ahold of top of the line computer parts, and flip them for more than the price I purchase them.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Anthony Rizzo Nonfiction Blog / VR

1. The article I chose from last week is a biography about Anthony Rizzo. It talks about his cancer survival journey and the people that helped him along the way.

2. I think my article is sequence and order. This is because it's describing the story of Anthony Rizzo having cancer in order of the events that take place.

3. Virtual reality interests me the most. This is because instead of playing video games normally, and not being very immersed in the game world, I think it would be very neat to be able to properly interact with them and be in the game world.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Non-Fiction Blog

1. What is Non-Fiction? Non-Fiction is anything real, or true. It's the opposite of fiction, so it's all facts and stuff that comes from the real world. Nothing is made up in Non-Fiction. It can be based on real people, history, or biographies. Real events, such as the inauguration of the president for example can also be used in non-fiction.

2. We have moved away from anthologies and textbook writings and studying them for various reasons. First being, it's much more convenient. Students can access the internet much more quickly and have access to way more books and literature to study than you could find in one book. People focus on dissecting non fiction to get a better grasp on how literature works, and better strategies to study it.

3. I decided to find an ESPN article focused on Anthony Rizzo. It talks about how he's a cancer survivor and how he did it. It also explains how Jon Lester improved his baseball career on the Chicago Cubs as a whole. I decided on this article because the Cubs are my favorite baseball team and Anthony Rizzo is someone to really look up to. Some of the pictures and the Title really captured my attention because it looked interesting.


Monday, January 23, 2017

Introductory paragraph

     The main priorities of Michigan's budget are obviously not invested into education. There's so many more schools that are rundown, and neglected compared to the number of better schools that function properly. Our school for example, it's nice and all but the education strategies are dry and over used in my opinion. Just because we have these fancy chrome books for every student, doesn't mean that the student will enjoy using it just because it's an expensive piece of technology. More people need to be hired and payed to come up with more innovative teaching strategies, to keep students hooked, and interested. Because as of now, teens are very hard to keep entertained, and it's gonna take more to really influence every student to want to learn than what we're doing now. The main priorities for Michigan's budget needs to be into education.

Monday, January 9, 2017

The ad man

1. Frederick changed the perceived values of potatoes in Prussia by making it a royal vegetable. He made a potato garden and put guards on it. Their instructions were to secretly not guard it very well. Well anything worth guarding is worth stealing, to the peasants. So, the potatoes became a high value vegetable and people wanted them after that. Ataturk made it compulsory for prostitutes to wear the veil. This helped solve the issue at hand.

2. This is perceived value because, Rory said that they should make supermodels walk up and down the track and hand out wine to make the ride better. This is in no way a real change, because it's a rather preposterous idea, and would more than likely never happen. A real change would be something more imaginable, like spending a bunch of money to add on to the track or rebuild it.

3. Changing the way people believe and feel is much more easier than changing reality, because it requires a lot less effort, and if much more easier. It also can be a lot cheaper, because you don't have to pour money into designing new products, and manufacturing them. Also, can be a lot less time consuming, because all you have to do is be persuasive, and think things out.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Ad/Hook blog

          1. When people cite polls and surveys in a study, it's used a evidence to the public's opinion. They use these to support their argument, and it's a good argument supporter because it's what the general public thinks about what they're making a statement about. When people know that the general public, or random people that wouldn't be biased towards the argument are supporting the argument unknowingly through a poll or survey, they will like that as evidence, and believe your statement. If you don't have a survey or poll to back you up, people will be less prone to believing your argument, and you won't be as convincing.

          2. The biggest struggle for me so far has been two things. The first being finding the right advertisements to back up my argument. It's tricky for me to detect the specific hooks in ads, because some ads are very well written, and thought out. Some ads have a deeper meaning in what they're saying, and that can be difficult for me to figure out. The other problem I've been having is getting data from my survey. I didn't word my questions in a very well, or intuitive way, and I ended up with a somewhat lack of data.
Image result for why love one but eat the other

This ad is using rhetorical question as a hook. It's asking an obvious question, that yet sort of has a deeper meaning. This is using emotive language as well. It's using the thought of losing weight, and eating differently to maybe change your views on what you eat. This could play into your emotions by making you think differently, and do things differently. This is using badge value by making fit into a certain group (Vegetarians)