Monday, June 5, 2017

Final Blog

Part 1

1. In article 22, this is basically discussing the severe droughts on the west side of the United States. It talks about previous years that weren't so droughtful, such as 2015. The article does a good job of representing or telling the reader as to just how much water has been lost.

2. The purpose of the article is to alert and inform readers about the drought that has been taking place out west for a pretty long time now. Most easterners more than likely don't know much about the drought, or don't care because it doesn't affect them. Well, after reading this as an easterner I do feel more concerned.

3. The article is using a description text structure. I know this because the way it is written really helps me picture some of the images the writing is trying to portray in my head.

     -The first text feature is the very large bold title that fits the article very well.
     -The second text feature is a very large picture at the very top of the article that is a picture of a small lake with a lack of water in it.

     -The third text feature is a photo of a person snowboarding down a mountain that has barely any snow on it, which is something that the article discussed; the lack of snow. 

     -The fifth text feature are the bold captions below each of the pictures that entail what is happening in them. 

Part 2

     I think that women are so much more towards the side that they are treated like object is because they actually know what it's like to be treated like this and have experienced it. Yes, this is a few that don't feel this way but if the majority feels like this then there is an issue. The males are more balanced in their response. I think that this is because some guys see women being treated like this, and others may even possible treat women like this, or just are oblivious to it. Personally, with all the protests and marches I see from women, I would think that they are probably being treated like this rather frequently if they're always talking and protesting about it. 

Monday, May 22, 2017

Social Media

1. Social Media can make you money, or you could even start a business of of it like Shawn did. On almost any social media platform you could market a product of yours with a good amount of effectiveness. A lot of people would be seeing your stuff if you put it out there in a way that catches people's eye.

2. Shawn's passions in life are adventure, snowboarding, and living every day of life to the fullest. My biggest passion is just being successful in whatever it is I decide to do with my life. One of my biggest fears is not being successful and being poor. But besides that my passions are probably baseball, working out, and staying fit. I don't ever want to not be in shape in my life, unless of course i'm like really old then that's okay.

3. The two parts of social media are the story and the positive. the positive is the part where you can find people that have the same interests as you, and a place that you will fit in. The story portion is where you can see the backstory of other people and find new respect for people, and learn more about them. Same thing can happen for yourself.

4. The king of the rainforest story is a very good story. It teaches the readers than anything can be accomplished as long as you put your mind to it. It also teaches that listening to the negatives will only bring you down and get you nowhere in life. I think that this would apply very well with the youth of today and all of the bullying and bad things happening in these day's kids lives.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lollipops & such

1. My Lollipop moment was at a baseball camp that I was helping teach little kids at this previous off season. I was helping teach a little kid named Christopher, so the same name as mine how to correctly hit a baseball. Which was quite the daunting task just because of how little and difficult it was for him to hardly even swing the bat. There was this one thing that I must've told him that just clicked in his head, because after I gave him and example and told him how to properly do it, he hit the ball really well. I of course didn't tell him because he's still just a little kid.

2 This quote means that human's biggest fear is not failing to succeed to live up to an expectation. It's our own limitless potential that puts fear into us, with no idea what we are capable of. I do somewhat agree with this, but I don't feel that this applies to me. In a baseball game for example, I'm way more scared to make an error than to make a great play. I mean I do get really nervous and excited when I'm up to bat and feel like I'm going to hit the ball really well. But I am not necessarily scared of my potential in anything, so no, I suppose I do not agree with her and the quote she had said.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Book blog

1. The thing that truly sets off a book as a classic is the pure uniqueness and originality of the book itself. People will tend to always reread these books just because they cannot get enough of the contents they behold. If a book is a classic, nothing will really ever come parallel with it. It'll always be a very outgoing and interesting book for the time period it's in.

2. A canon is a certain classification for english literature, specifically in books. Until a book is a canon, it cannot be certified to be studied by scholars at universities. The mean the book is exceedingly sophisticated, or the work of an excelled writer. Canons are few and far between, and are not written by your everyday author. An example of a Canon would be the Holy Bible.

3. Books should not be banned. They provide a look into our world's past and are an extremely healthy source of knowledge. Not to mention that they can provide endless hours of entertainment to a person of any age. Even the smallest of people to the biggest. Two reason why schools have tried to ban "Of Mice and Men" if because of the profanity, and because John Steinbeck (author) seemingly provides an anti-business attitude. I can understand the second reason because if that school is trying to teach business then go ahead, ban it you have all the right in the world. But, on the profanity side of things I think that it should be read by the kids attending said high school. It really shows how cruel and unforgiving the world used to be back in those times, and could be a great learning experience to help this generation to not revert to our old ways. That's why we learn history anyway.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dust Pneumonia blog

1. Dust Pneumonia is a very lethal form of standard Pneumonia. You get this condition by inhaling too much of a foreign substance into your lungs. Most commonly dust, or sand & such. Having this causes severe coughing fits and spasms very frequently. It got the name Dust Pneumonia because many people died to this disease during the dust bowl in america during the 1930's.

2. Some remedies that were available to people during the dust bowl include the following; Some people to prevent it would rub vaseline in their noses to prevent them from breathing in dust. People with the disease would rub a concoction of stuff on their chest to help breathing. The thing that caused the Dust Bowl in the first place was over farming of the land. Bad farming practices and doing it all in the same areas so much caused super dry land and eventually dust storms.

3. If I had to pack up and move away, and I could only pack one thing, it would certainly be as much money as I could fit. Money is the key to getting yourself everywhere in life, so why not have a bag full of it? Our family could use the money to wisely invest in all the food and goods we need. Although, keeping it safe would be a challenge. We would have to protect it at all costs so it does not get stolen.

Monday, April 24, 2017

PSA blog

1. I think that this PSA about texting and driving was pretty darn effective. The element that I found to be the most effective for me that really got the moral of the PSA to me was the gruesomeness of the ad. With the people that were dead from the accident, and the girl laid out on the stretcher with serious injuries, it really lays out just what texting and driving can lead to if you do it a lot. It really demonstrates to me that if I text and drive that I could end up like that oman in that stretcher and with a family of dead parents, siblings, and friends. All of that isn't worth texting somebody in the car.

This PSA's objective is to communicate to the viewer to conserve water. Not to like buy a bunch and save it up, but only use the water that you need. In the video, the man leaves is faucet running all morning. This is obviously a big waste of water. He sits down with a newspaper with the water still on, and sees and ad about thirsty children who are poor and don't have water. He then proceeds to find a way to shut off his faucet, because the handle was stuck, When he finally turns it off, the child's faucet turns on that is coming out of a building, and the child can finally drink.

Monday, April 17, 2017

High School Dropout Blog

1. People that don't strap in and graduate after four years of High School don't earn themselves a High school diploma. This can surprisingly affect their health, and in a bad way. If a person doesn't get their diploma they normally feel pretty bad about it, and this can cause a low self esteem. Let's say I don't get my diploma. First of all, I wouldn't want to go out and apply for a job because I would be to embarrassed for my employer to see that I don't have one. I wouldn't want to discuss the status of my education with my colleagues, because I don't have an education status. Being closed off and nervous to do things all correlates with having a low self esteem, and being very self conscious. A diploma is not hard to achieve so there's no reason I, or anyone else should burden themselves like this.

2. Not having 1 million students graduate could be harmful to society in the following ways; If all of these 1 million students don't receive a diploma, that's a lot of young adults already with insecurities and low self esteems. There are jobs that require a more advanced education. A lot of these job positions may not be fufilled due to the lack of people to fill them all. Lower class jobs such as fast food restaurants would certainly be filled up though. Colleges may also suffer a loss in profit from a lack of applicants.

3. With such a low graduation rate in a community, this can affect a community and school in many ways. The schools would quite obviously lose a lot of reputation and profit. People would stop enrolling their children at said school, therefore making them lose money. The less kids in a school, the less of a school that it is. To the community, if it's uneducated, it'ß going to be a very poor community. People are going to keep the environment in a bad shape, and be careless. There aren'þ going to be educated people to fulfill some rather important jobs. Keeping communities educated is essential.