Monday, April 24, 2017

PSA blog

1. I think that this PSA about texting and driving was pretty darn effective. The element that I found to be the most effective for me that really got the moral of the PSA to me was the gruesomeness of the ad. With the people that were dead from the accident, and the girl laid out on the stretcher with serious injuries, it really lays out just what texting and driving can lead to if you do it a lot. It really demonstrates to me that if I text and drive that I could end up like that oman in that stretcher and with a family of dead parents, siblings, and friends. All of that isn't worth texting somebody in the car.

This PSA's objective is to communicate to the viewer to conserve water. Not to like buy a bunch and save it up, but only use the water that you need. In the video, the man leaves is faucet running all morning. This is obviously a big waste of water. He sits down with a newspaper with the water still on, and sees and ad about thirsty children who are poor and don't have water. He then proceeds to find a way to shut off his faucet, because the handle was stuck, When he finally turns it off, the child's faucet turns on that is coming out of a building, and the child can finally drink.

Monday, April 17, 2017

High School Dropout Blog

1. People that don't strap in and graduate after four years of High School don't earn themselves a High school diploma. This can surprisingly affect their health, and in a bad way. If a person doesn't get their diploma they normally feel pretty bad about it, and this can cause a low self esteem. Let's say I don't get my diploma. First of all, I wouldn't want to go out and apply for a job because I would be to embarrassed for my employer to see that I don't have one. I wouldn't want to discuss the status of my education with my colleagues, because I don't have an education status. Being closed off and nervous to do things all correlates with having a low self esteem, and being very self conscious. A diploma is not hard to achieve so there's no reason I, or anyone else should burden themselves like this.

2. Not having 1 million students graduate could be harmful to society in the following ways; If all of these 1 million students don't receive a diploma, that's a lot of young adults already with insecurities and low self esteems. There are jobs that require a more advanced education. A lot of these job positions may not be fufilled due to the lack of people to fill them all. Lower class jobs such as fast food restaurants would certainly be filled up though. Colleges may also suffer a loss in profit from a lack of applicants.

3. With such a low graduation rate in a community, this can affect a community and school in many ways. The schools would quite obviously lose a lot of reputation and profit. People would stop enrolling their children at said school, therefore making them lose money. The less kids in a school, the less of a school that it is. To the community, if it's uneducated, it'ß going to be a very poor community. People are going to keep the environment in a bad shape, and be careless. There aren'þ going to be educated people to fulfill some rather important jobs. Keeping communities educated is essential.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Success Post

1. Grit is essentially the will power, and the strength of a person's personality. It concludes their abilities to resist and discipline themselves. Grit is such a huge necessity in life because it will always help you push to become what you want to achieve in life. Let's say there was a high school student with absolutely no grit whatsoever. This student would not really strive to get decent grades, and pass. When the going gets hard, this type of student suffers, and gives up. This is why everyone needs a lot of grit. Also, I do agree with the phrase. Using the quotation marks around the word entitled lets us know that the author is in disagreement with what the modern entitled child tends to be. The author thinks this kind of child needs to be more gritty, and I certainly do agree with that.

2. Gradual progress and consistent effort builds much more school achievement than last minute cramming and studying. This is obviously important to help improve your grades. This helps show kids that doing your best and working hard over time will always be rewarding no matter the situation. In life, if you work hard and actually take the time to learn and fully understand a subject in school, it will really help further your education beyond high school. Doing this will make college a lot easier if I decide to go, and will help me get into whatever college I want.

3. I think I am the strongest in confidence. I never am really nervous about school work and always have myself pumped up and ready to go in the back of my head. I find that being so confident can be very useful, and helps me not try to overthink test questions for example, and get all shaken up if I don't know something. Something I really really do need to work on the is discipline. I really tend to not study a whole late and cram in my homework/studies last minute. Doing this makes me rush whatever i'm doing, and make sloppy work of it. I also think discipline is the most important of these six traits, so I definitely will be working on it.

Monday, March 20, 2017

GPA/Highschool blog

          1. Josh Mitchell's research tends to conclude that GPA is what is most important when it comes to finding a job or making a good amount of money when you get older. Back in the day, or maybe a decade or two ago, GPA wasn't really the main focus of furthering your education beyond high school and being successful in life. These days, if your GPA is even the slightest bit below the average, you could be stuck in a hole for a good majority of your life. A 3.8 GPA is completely different than a 3.9. With a 3.9, you could have even more opportunities with college and making more money as an adult.

          2. Better grades are of course linked to GPA. The better the GPA, or the more higher, the more pay or the higher future salary you will make. Better grades are also linked to your performance in school. If you just put in a little more extra of your free time as a high schooler to homework and studying, you'll be making more money for your future self in the process. Your High school GPA is one of the most important things in your life as a teenager, and something you need to dedicate a lot of time to.

          3. In the article, it stated that minorities tend to have to strongest educations and the higher GPAs. In my opinion, this is because they are underprivileged, and actually want to learn. Minorities want to come out of the potential hole they are in during their current state of life, and live the American Dream. Whereas upper class white privileged children tend to not care too much because of the potentially rich family they have, and how spoiled they are.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Schools and such blog

1. The reason behind the 27% increase of enrollment was due to the mass revamp of their school. They completely changed the type of school to a military school, which can be very useful. Some parents like to use these schools if they have bad kids. But the main reason in the increase of enrolls is the prioritizing of the most important things they want to teach the children enrolled. They're focusing more on responsibilities and behaviours, things that will be more curtial later in life.

2. I think the importance of this article is to show the true meaning and importance of military schooling. This type of schooling really wants to show you how to be a leader and be responsible. These are two things that you could use in every aspect of life. And I think it's good that they are stressing the importance of that so heavily.

3. Developing student responsibility is one of the most, or if not, THE most important segment of education. If someone were to be not responsible at all, they wouldn't be productive, would get work done and just probably wouldn't care too much about the important things in their life. For South Haven to teach responsibilities better, maybe be less pushy on when to turn in homework. If the student doesn't have it the first day, it's a zero. This will get students to get their homework done and be more organized with their work.

Monday, March 6, 2017

School blog

1. I think social media should seriously be taken into consideration. What people say, and post can really show how responsible or irresponsible somebody is. If somebody is posting inappropriate pictures of themselves, or just revealing photos in general, this can prevent colleges from even taking you. If you are a well worded, a creative poster on social media, colleges may even likes that, helping you achieve their acceptance. So yes, I do think it should be taken into thought when deciding a student's enrollment. Social Media is crucial.

2. "Sometimes kids are more worried about being a characters than having character". I heavily agree with this statement. A lot of kids are more concerned with being the center of attention and being a class clown than being their own personality who is there to learn. Kids will do anything for attention, and risking their education is one of the things they will do, due to a lack of responsibility and knowledge. 

3. High school is trying to mimic what students should expect out of high school to keep the alive. They want to show students the responsibility you require to build yourself up to a high education and work environment. You can't just be some class clown who doesn't to pay attention, and expect to get a good job. If you don't care, high school doesn't either, and that'ß why you have to hold your own. That's what high schools main goal is. To teach you to hold yourself up and stay responsible. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

Post Graduation Living/College Living

1. If I were to move into an apartment in Park Meadows the Annual cost for this specific apartment would be $702 dollars. The deposit would be $300. So, the cost for each of us as room mates would be $315 annually and $150 in deposit. This would be a very manageable price between the two of us for working a minimum wage job. We would have a decent amount to save up for ourselves.

2. Other prices and things could definitely include college. If i'm going to a college that doesn't include dorms, the gas prices could be astronomical driving to and fro. Paying for rent and college would be exceedingly difficult, and you would need some help.

a. $100 for only me
b. Car would be around $15000
c. Gasoline for the month would more than likely be around $50. This is because Iḿ just going a short distance from point A to point B.
d. $213 is the average cost for car insurance every month.
e. For the family plan I would be staying on it would be $833
f. The average electric bill would be anywhere from $30 to $100
g. Gas would be around $30 because we wouldn't use it any.
h. An oil change would be around $40 on my own because I know how, and already have.
i. Food would be around $30 a day for the both of us if we eat small healthy meals purchased together.
j. We would more than likely be paying for TV and video games so around $100 a month.
k.  All together around $100 a month for basic household necessities.

3. It would be stressful living paycheck to paycheck because you only get paid once over however many weeks. And that's all the money you will be taking in until the next paycheck. This can be hard because you would easily blow through that money, and once you're out of it, you're over.